Thursday, 30 August 2007

Remembering Diana, a fashion icon of her time.

This entry is in memorium of Diana, Princess of Wales, in memory of her good causes work, and of an elegant style that will never be forgotten. Tomorrow it is 10 years since her tragic death and I often wonder what her style and image would have been like now, were she still alive. Would she have dabbled with hair extensions, the latest denims and trends, and stepped out in the latest Louboutins I wonder?
Embracing her role as a trend-setting style icon, Diana was involved in developing her personal style and flair, according to the designer of some of the princess' most famous dresses.
Designer Jacques Azagury, who worked with the princess between from 1984 to 1997, said Diana often chose dresses with specific events in mind and adapted the cut and style of her dresses accordingly.
This was in stark contrast to Diana's awkward nature when she first emerged in the spotlight as the woman who would marry Prince Charles. Eventually, she became known as the most photographed woman in the world.
"Most of the time she did know what she wanted and particularly during that period of her life, she had moved away from all the fussy sort of English kind of clothes that she used to wear at the beginning," Azagury told CTV's Canada AM. "Whenever we used to have a meeting, she had an appropriate idea of what she wanted to wear for the occasion."
But Azagury also played a role in shaping Diana's sense of style, as he created 18 dresses for the princess. Her favourite -- an ice blue shift dress designed by Azagury.
"It was short and it was kind of low cut and you know it was of the time..." Azagury said. "That's as short as we dared go because of royal protocol."
"The dress...was the true colour of her eyes in reality," Azagury said of the style icon. "That's what the colour of her eyes were like, so it brought out all the best in her."
Azagury said he last saw the princess two weeks before her death in a Paris car crash, ten years ago, and that he had never seen her so happy.
At the time, the designer was in the process of designing a dress for Diana for her to wear to a premiere. She died before wearing the dress.
"I will always remember her as the gorgeous woman, Diana that I was very lucky to have met and dressed and I think it would be a really long time before we, if ever, we get a replacement for Princess Diana," said Azagury.

Thanks to Ctv Canada AM for the interview.

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Celia Birtwell.

I first discovered Celia Birtwell from a free bag that came with Elle magazine. I would probably have otherwise never known of her existence. Isn't that sad?
Celia Birtwell is a textile designer mainly, born in Salford, Lancashire, in 1941, she studied Textile Design in Manchester, where in 1959 she met the fashion designer Ossie Clark, whom she married in 1969.
Theirs was an almost perfect marriage of style, and their work together defined the era at the time. I just love her prints and vintagey feeling textiles. Her design sketches remind me of something from a childrens book - I don't quite know what it is, but I find her work enchanting.
Take a look ;

This print, a popular Birtwell design, mingles hearts with feathers and poppies. The motifs appear in red and green on a cream base, other colour combinations were also available. Appliqued feathers accent the collar.
Printed chiffon,
Print by Celia Birtwell.

Similar to this worn by Geri Halliwell in June -

I like Geri in this, it's just not the right choice to launch a Spice comeback!

Here are some examples of Celia Birtwell's illustrations;

Cute huh?!
She's selling some nice silk scarves printed with her designs on via her website at a reduced price - check her out at and also, take a look at her past collection for topshop;

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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Grandad cardigans and Ashley Olsen...

After a short break back home to see family, I'm back in London. My grandad sadly passed away in June, and it's always nice to get back to reality and see friends and relatives - and this time was no exception... So whats trendy about that eh? Well, when your Nana announces she's sending all your grandads old knitted items to the charity shop, a perfect rummage opportunity arises! Amongst vintage velvet dickie bows, in black sage and maroon, were cufflinks, braces and a host of sexy vintage ties - Not to mention oversize cardigans my Nana knitted in the 70's. A vintage dream! I'm aiming to look like this ;

Yves Saint Laurent autumn winter 2007. Nice. I love the straight leg, slightly short trousers too...

Also, I'm loving the Olsen twins forays into fashion, I think they rarely get it wrong. Loving last months American Marie Claire feature with Ashley Olsen. She's really working this gorgeous black Prada headscarf lately... ;

Here's some more recent shots I like of the twins looking hot ;

Love their OTT hair in this -

Hot. Quite 70's. Like it. More soon!
Enjoy your bank holiday if you're a brit!

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Animal print...

...just won't ever disappear from fashion will it? Think Cavalli, think Dolce&Gabbana. And I have to say, I do love it. Maybe it's the tacky glam side of me, the Bet Lynch popping out, the love for Scary Spice - but I will always love the raw glamour of animal print. I own a real leopard rug in my home, with the head, teeth and claws and everything...wrong. But it's about 50 years old, so I want to keep it and look after it.
Anyway, I recieved the Dolce and Gabbana 'Animal' book today...

...which is an absolute beauty, containing pictures of celebs and models in Dolce and Gabbana animal print items...
So as a tribute here are a few pictures of my favorite animal print outfits, on some of my favorite people -

Kate Moss

Liz Hurley

Melanie B

Lady Beckham

And, erm, 'Bet Lynch' from TV'S Coronation St. Lovely.

So why is it that animal print, leopard in particluar, has so much bad press for being tacky? I think it's all about how you wear it, and how much of it you wear...It's almost like a 'false' glamour; people who wear it often aren't seen as being too classy. I do love it though.
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Quote; ''Without animal print there could be no divas, or even divinities'' D&G

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So there's a new net 'space' to be at - Hailed as a fashion-style myspace, Here is what the website says - ''fashionspace is a social networking website with the focus on everything fashion. A one-stop site for those who work or play in the industry: a space for designers to show, swap and sell their work as well as a platform for up and coming photographers, stylists and illustrators. Above all, fashionspace is a place to meet like-minded people the world over, whatever your role may be. From show producers to models to students to journalists... to people that just love shopping - its time to join fashionspace.''

My friend, designer Ross Jenkins, told me of the site and is featured in the launch catalogue - In a shoot we did together a few months back ;

It will be interesting to see if the site takes off, with many already established competitors on the market, such as, etc.

So if you're a designer, fashion addict, model or stylist - sign up and watch it evolve - you heard it here first!

M x

Angelina models Shiseido

Angelina has modelled Shiseido make up for a second time, Hot on the heels of Orlando Blooms pictures for the company which were shown on the net last week. Her last campaign for the company was at this time last year.
Angelina is just beyond beautiful, and I think she should definitely do more in the beauty and fashion world. She's truly gorgeous!

See more of Shiseido's beauty range at - I'm a big fan of their mens skincare range.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Topshop/Topman 'New In' - pick of the day...

Topshop/Topman...Great affordable fashion - you can often find a hidden gem amongst the mass-produced-to-meet-the-demand items... Here are my picks of the 'new in' items...


Very now - Sailor chic tunic dress in navy silk - £55. Team it with sheer black tights and a black belt clinched in at the waist to complete the look.

Sexy dark emerald green sleeveless Cowl front neckline knit top by Boutique - £45. I really like the waist band detial here, simple yet sexy.


Nice grey knit waiscoat - ideal for that Summer to Autumn transition - £25.
Tip - try it on first - these sort of items are often mass produced, and quality can sometimes slip - check the buttons look good done up on you.

Grey check jacket, light enough fabric for late summer/early autumn when the chills start to set in. I like a good bomber jacket - £55.

M x

Cashing in on your daughter?

Surely not?
One thing is to have a distinctly average fashion label designed with your daughter, Tina and Beyonce's 'House of Dereon' - but to launch your own collection, 'Miss Tina' as if you're a celebrity yourself upon the poor American public? Hmm. I've seen some of the designs from this 'collection', and well - stick to dressing Beyonce, Miss Tina. America's home tv buyers just don't need this! Weak, lack of quality and screaming cash-in. Paris obviously does set the trends...(See below...)

Style Icon feature - Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a modern day style icon; the Hepburn, Jackie O or Monroe of her time. She is one of the Worlds most photographed women and reinventing herself as a fashionista, following the abandonment of her solo music career, has done her the world of good, and seen her celebrity status soar. With the DVB Beckham brand firmly established; with denim, eyewear and frangrance collections already on the market, Victoria has succeded in something she is not only interested in - but somethings she's good at. Really, really good. See for more on Victoria's recent design work and current collections.
Here, we take a look at some rare, some familiar and some unseen shots of Victoria in the fashion world, a world she has created for herself from an honest passion for fashion.

Victoria, Proudly showing off her DVB Rock and Republic denim hot pants.

Classic 'Posh', 1998. The suit and bra look was one of the most copied looks in the late 1990's and will almost certainly return in years to come, when the 90's is revisited in the fashion stakes.

A modern Versace take on the classic black dress Victoria made so famous in her 90's Spice Girl days.

Modelling for Russian GQ Magazine, 2006.

Victoria photographed in what I think is one of her most stunning photoshoots, 2004.

Launching her handbag range for Samantha Thavasa, in Japan, 2006. The new hairstyle shown here, known as the 'Pob' (Posh bob) created a frenzy, with women copying the cut across the globe in late 2006.

A stylish candid shot of Victoria, The outfit she wore for Tom & Katie's wedding, wearing Giambattista Valli and hat by Phillip Treacy, 2006.

Revealing that enviable figure that has caused pages of headlines over the years regarding Victoria's health. She insists she eats well and is naturally thin, and after 10 years in the limelight, with her figure hardly changing, it's obvious she has no health issues. Stunning.

Victoria's catwalk debut, for Maria Grachvogel in 1999.

New York Fashion Week, 2006 - the start of Victorias fashion revolution. The fashion bible, 'That Extra Half an Inch' followed in October 2006, a No.1 bestseller.

Victoria launches her latest DVB Denim venture in Saks Fifth Avenue New York, 2007.

So there we have it. Victoria Beckham. Love her or loathe her, She's no.1 in the fashion game, and I can't wait to see the DVB brand turn into the multi million pound empire it deserves to become. And with Victoria as the driving force, just you try and stop her.

M x

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Spice girls comeback image...

It's worrying me a little. I love the Spice Girls. Just thinking back to the reunion conference - No stylist present at the comeback announcement in June, leaving gorgeous Geri looking a bit, well, daft in her vintage flowing number. Which I like, just not at the reunion launch. Something tiny, tight and tits out would have been far more apt! Victoria looked amazing as always in her corset and sequined pants get up, and hats off to Melanie C for managing 'sporty' yet chic. She's looking great at the moment, her best ever. Emma looks radiant, if a little bland in black, but she was about to drop, and looked suitably classy. Melanie B, never known for her overly tasteful fashions, looked nice enough in 'in season' satins..where was the leopard print Mel?!
But that's old news, what is concerning me is this ;

Which is their Greatest Hits Album cover. How bland...Don'tcha think? They deserve better I say. I'm hoping in each 'Spice' letter is a glittery hologram of each girl...I think thats the only thing that can save it from being totally blah!
I'm hoping for slicker images and spicier looks very soon! I'm sure these girls will deliver, their tour wardrobe is rumoured to be by Donatella Versace too... Surely she can't let them down. No way! They're gonna knock the spots off every other rival around and I can't wait! The girls are back in town - but I just want it taken up a style gear, to make them as hot as they deserve to look.

M x

Pepe Jeans new model - Sienna Miller

And doesn't she look great? It's not the best advert to show off the quality of the jeans, but I love the colours and concept. And I love watching Sienna rise as the fashion icon she is becoming. Bravo!

Fashion Icons

Everybody has an icon they look up to or admire, for their image perhaps, their hairstyle, their attitude or work achievements. I personally admire style and an 'image', and those who maintain this regardless. Victoria Beckham has maintained utmost glamour 24/7 for recent years and has expressed her affection and admiration for the style of Joan Collins, a woman who has never let the glamour and grooming slip. In a world of 'chav' culture and easily accessible fashion, so many people get it so wrong, or worse still, make hardly any effort at all. I respect Joan and Victoria hugely, as they take such pride in their appearances, making the most of what they have, and constantly looking groomed and impeccible at all times.
Joan ; Victoria ; I salute you! Long may you inspire people to take pride in their image, and silently campaign against the visual messes that see dressing up as the ultimate chore.

Above, Victoria Beckham, NY 2006.

Right, Joan Collins in the 1980's.

Below - a very good read, and is out Sept 6th 2007 in paperback in the UK and in the US a week later ;

M x

Hilary Duff in JLO style get up

Here's a picture of Hilary Duff looking like Jlo circa 2001... overdoing the metallics look a little, but it is of course a stage outfit, and something a little different for the usually slightly bland Ms Duff. She looks pretty hot really! The bra is a little much, but she was never gonna get it 100% right was she? That's the difference between her and Jlo ;

Paris Hilton Clothing Range

''Paris has been involved in the design process for the past 2 years'' apparently. Amongst jail and failed pop attempts that is. The new Paris range was unveiled this week and is being sold in trendy Kitson stores... So whats the verdict? It's all a bit cheap looking if you ask me. The items look like the ultimate cash in, I'm not convinced the fabrics are of any quality, and the photos on the Kitson Boutique website either don't do them justice, or they are just mass produced to meet the inevitable demand.
Take a look ;

Paris Hilton - Yellow 3/4 Puff Sleeve Shirt
* Paris Hilton
* 97% Polyester 3% Spandex
* Bright yellow 3/4 puff sleeve shirt

and this;

Paris Hilton - Striped Paris Scoopneck Tee
* Paris Hilton
* Black and white striped scoopneck with colorized portrait of Paris on the front
* 100% cotton
* Order Now!! This ships out on August 16th!

And this;

Paris Hilton - Pink Pleated Blouse
* Paris Hilton
* Pale pink pleated top
* 97% polyester, 3% spandex

Thats hot?! Hmm. Maybe not. Check out the full range online at and see for yourself. I'm a fan of Paris, but why not put your all into something and make it 'hot' rather than just release something I doubt she's had a massive input in.

M x

Must read!

American edition of Elle. With SJP. Great feature on Womens Fall Fashion must haves. And wearable must haves too. Which is always a good thing. Pick it up if you get chance, Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover of the August issue - I imagine the September issue is out really soon, so hurry!

M x

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Jackets for that Summer to Autumn transition...

You know when it's still warm outside? ish? But a bit cold too? Do I take a jacket out, do I leave it at home? Ooh, that can be a dilemma. Maybe you just need a nice overcoat, or a quirky 'suit' style jacket? Well, with current must have bags being so bloody enormous, why not put them to good use and carry one out, just in case?

Check out these current faves of mine ;

A nice Dolce and Gabbana leather jacket. Everyone, male or female, should own a good, in my opinion tight, black leather jacket. So easy to just 'go with everything'.

And this, a great fitting neutral coloured Dior Homme trench coat;

And then there's this nifty little number by Viktor and Rolf;

And this, by the delightful Vivienne Westwood, a nice overcoat from her Vivienne Westwood Man collection;

Or how about this beauty, which i found in Blackpool charity shop for a pound - gold epilet optional ;

Love it?

M x