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Remembering Diana, a fashion icon of her time.

This entry is in memorium of Diana, Princess of Wales, in memory of her good causes work, and of an elegant style that will never be forgotten. Tomorrow it is 10 years since her tragic death and I often wonder what her style and image would have been like now, were she still alive. Would she have dabbled with hair extensions, the latest denims and trends, and stepped out in the latest Louboutins I wonder?
Embracing her role as a trend-setting style icon, Diana was involved in developing her personal style and flair, according to the designer of some of the princess' most famous dresses.
Designer Jacques Azagury, who worked with the princess between from 1984 to 1997, said Diana often chose dresses with specific events in mind and adapted the cut and style of her dresses accordingly.
This was in stark contrast to Diana's awkward nature when she first emerged in the spotlight as the woman who would marry Prince Charles. Eventually, she became known as the most photographed woman in the world.
"Most of the time she did know what she wanted and particularly during that period of her life, she had moved away from all the fussy sort of English kind of clothes that she used to wear at the beginning," Azagury told CTV's Canada AM. "Whenever we used to have a meeting, she had an appropriate idea of what she wanted to wear for the occasion."
But Azagury also played a role in shaping Diana's sense of style, as he created 18 dresses for the princess. Her favourite -- an ice blue shift dress designed by Azagury.
"It was short and it was kind of low cut and you know it was of the time..." Azagury said. "That's as short as we dared go because of royal protocol."
"The dress...was the true colour of her eyes in reality," Azagury said of the style icon. "That's what the colour of her eyes were like, so it brought out all the best in her."
Azagury said he last saw the princess two weeks before her death in a Paris car crash, ten years ago, and that he had never seen her so happy.
At the time, the designer was in the process of designing a dress for Diana for her to wear to a premiere. She died before wearing the dress.
"I will always remember her as the gorgeous woman, Diana that I was very lucky to have met and dressed and I think it would be a really long time before we, if ever, we get a replacement for Princess Diana," said Azagury.

Thanks to Ctv Canada AM for the interview.

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