Sunday, 26 August 2007

Grandad cardigans and Ashley Olsen...

After a short break back home to see family, I'm back in London. My grandad sadly passed away in June, and it's always nice to get back to reality and see friends and relatives - and this time was no exception... So whats trendy about that eh? Well, when your Nana announces she's sending all your grandads old knitted items to the charity shop, a perfect rummage opportunity arises! Amongst vintage velvet dickie bows, in black sage and maroon, were cufflinks, braces and a host of sexy vintage ties - Not to mention oversize cardigans my Nana knitted in the 70's. A vintage dream! I'm aiming to look like this ;

Yves Saint Laurent autumn winter 2007. Nice. I love the straight leg, slightly short trousers too...

Also, I'm loving the Olsen twins forays into fashion, I think they rarely get it wrong. Loving last months American Marie Claire feature with Ashley Olsen. She's really working this gorgeous black Prada headscarf lately... ;

Here's some more recent shots I like of the twins looking hot ;

Love their OTT hair in this -

Hot. Quite 70's. Like it. More soon!
Enjoy your bank holiday if you're a brit!

M x

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