Monday, 20 August 2007

Style Icon feature - Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a modern day style icon; the Hepburn, Jackie O or Monroe of her time. She is one of the Worlds most photographed women and reinventing herself as a fashionista, following the abandonment of her solo music career, has done her the world of good, and seen her celebrity status soar. With the DVB Beckham brand firmly established; with denim, eyewear and frangrance collections already on the market, Victoria has succeded in something she is not only interested in - but somethings she's good at. Really, really good. See for more on Victoria's recent design work and current collections.
Here, we take a look at some rare, some familiar and some unseen shots of Victoria in the fashion world, a world she has created for herself from an honest passion for fashion.

Victoria, Proudly showing off her DVB Rock and Republic denim hot pants.

Classic 'Posh', 1998. The suit and bra look was one of the most copied looks in the late 1990's and will almost certainly return in years to come, when the 90's is revisited in the fashion stakes.

A modern Versace take on the classic black dress Victoria made so famous in her 90's Spice Girl days.

Modelling for Russian GQ Magazine, 2006.

Victoria photographed in what I think is one of her most stunning photoshoots, 2004.

Launching her handbag range for Samantha Thavasa, in Japan, 2006. The new hairstyle shown here, known as the 'Pob' (Posh bob) created a frenzy, with women copying the cut across the globe in late 2006.

A stylish candid shot of Victoria, The outfit she wore for Tom & Katie's wedding, wearing Giambattista Valli and hat by Phillip Treacy, 2006.

Revealing that enviable figure that has caused pages of headlines over the years regarding Victoria's health. She insists she eats well and is naturally thin, and after 10 years in the limelight, with her figure hardly changing, it's obvious she has no health issues. Stunning.

Victoria's catwalk debut, for Maria Grachvogel in 1999.

New York Fashion Week, 2006 - the start of Victorias fashion revolution. The fashion bible, 'That Extra Half an Inch' followed in October 2006, a No.1 bestseller.

Victoria launches her latest DVB Denim venture in Saks Fifth Avenue New York, 2007.

So there we have it. Victoria Beckham. Love her or loathe her, She's no.1 in the fashion game, and I can't wait to see the DVB brand turn into the multi million pound empire it deserves to become. And with Victoria as the driving force, just you try and stop her.

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