Wednesday, 22 August 2007

So there's a new net 'space' to be at - Hailed as a fashion-style myspace, Here is what the website says - ''fashionspace is a social networking website with the focus on everything fashion. A one-stop site for those who work or play in the industry: a space for designers to show, swap and sell their work as well as a platform for up and coming photographers, stylists and illustrators. Above all, fashionspace is a place to meet like-minded people the world over, whatever your role may be. From show producers to models to students to journalists... to people that just love shopping - its time to join fashionspace.''

My friend, designer Ross Jenkins, told me of the site and is featured in the launch catalogue - In a shoot we did together a few months back ;

It will be interesting to see if the site takes off, with many already established competitors on the market, such as, etc.

So if you're a designer, fashion addict, model or stylist - sign up and watch it evolve - you heard it here first!

M x

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