Sunday, 19 August 2007

Spice girls comeback image...

It's worrying me a little. I love the Spice Girls. Just thinking back to the reunion conference - No stylist present at the comeback announcement in June, leaving gorgeous Geri looking a bit, well, daft in her vintage flowing number. Which I like, just not at the reunion launch. Something tiny, tight and tits out would have been far more apt! Victoria looked amazing as always in her corset and sequined pants get up, and hats off to Melanie C for managing 'sporty' yet chic. She's looking great at the moment, her best ever. Emma looks radiant, if a little bland in black, but she was about to drop, and looked suitably classy. Melanie B, never known for her overly tasteful fashions, looked nice enough in 'in season' satins..where was the leopard print Mel?!
But that's old news, what is concerning me is this ;

Which is their Greatest Hits Album cover. How bland...Don'tcha think? They deserve better I say. I'm hoping in each 'Spice' letter is a glittery hologram of each girl...I think thats the only thing that can save it from being totally blah!
I'm hoping for slicker images and spicier looks very soon! I'm sure these girls will deliver, their tour wardrobe is rumoured to be by Donatella Versace too... Surely she can't let them down. No way! They're gonna knock the spots off every other rival around and I can't wait! The girls are back in town - but I just want it taken up a style gear, to make them as hot as they deserve to look.

M x

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diminished said...

i was devasted when i saw the cover. i was totally expecting a lot more!