Sunday, 19 August 2007

Fashion Icons

Everybody has an icon they look up to or admire, for their image perhaps, their hairstyle, their attitude or work achievements. I personally admire style and an 'image', and those who maintain this regardless. Victoria Beckham has maintained utmost glamour 24/7 for recent years and has expressed her affection and admiration for the style of Joan Collins, a woman who has never let the glamour and grooming slip. In a world of 'chav' culture and easily accessible fashion, so many people get it so wrong, or worse still, make hardly any effort at all. I respect Joan and Victoria hugely, as they take such pride in their appearances, making the most of what they have, and constantly looking groomed and impeccible at all times.
Joan ; Victoria ; I salute you! Long may you inspire people to take pride in their image, and silently campaign against the visual messes that see dressing up as the ultimate chore.

Above, Victoria Beckham, NY 2006.

Right, Joan Collins in the 1980's.

Below - a very good read, and is out Sept 6th 2007 in paperback in the UK and in the US a week later ;

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