Saturday, 18 August 2007

Current loves and loathes...

I've been reading a lot lately. Not Jackie Collins novels, no, but Vogue, Tatler, Elle etc...
Actually reading them rather than just perusing the pictures... and I'm learning all the time.
This week I'm loving vintage more than ever, looking through past 1980's issues of Vogue and noting down designs and styles I like.
I'm constantly looking out for costume ideas for my music gigs, especially outfits for my dancer girls...
Here is a picture of a recent performance in Brighton ;

I love this outfit. Nik Pate designed and created it with me. His talents are endless - see I love the cropped silver sheen jacket. Very this season fabric. It's actually vintage and we customised it. And added the crazy silver epilet shoulder 'detail'. I love it. Nik created it from nowhere onenight, and I want it to appear in everything I do! I have one in gold too.
However, one thing to remember is fabric - fabrics may look and feel fabulous in your hands - but when they're on your body, they can accentuate everything you don't want them too. Little piece of advice I always recommend (although never live up to) is if you have the time - try clothes on in store. Clothes look amazing on dummies. They're supposed to. But on a 'normal' body, well - anything can happen!
With the above outfit, I made the mistahe of loving the fabric for the 'corset-waistcoat-belt' item - and it doesn't look hugely flattering on - Costume and performance clothes are so different to regular outfits - something I really need to remember! It looks great still, for a photoshoot still, but when I'm singing and dancing, it's not 100% flattering.
So, away from own fashion muses, what am I loving this week? This ;

The Dolce and Gabbana Music book from 2005. A little old, but glorious all the same. So many wonderful celebrities in music, who are style icons themselves...fabulous!
And things I'm loathing? The queues in this place ;

Bloody Primark. Great for girls. More than great. Amazing. Coloured denim jeans for a tenner. A little 'over' now, but still. And unfortunately shite for for guys. Fact. But what are the queues all about?! More tills needed?! Ya think?!

M x

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