Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Animal print...

...just won't ever disappear from fashion will it? Think Cavalli, think Dolce&Gabbana. And I have to say, I do love it. Maybe it's the tacky glam side of me, the Bet Lynch popping out, the love for Scary Spice - but I will always love the raw glamour of animal print. I own a real leopard rug in my home, with the head, teeth and claws and everything...wrong. But it's about 50 years old, so I want to keep it and look after it.
Anyway, I recieved the Dolce and Gabbana 'Animal' book today...

...which is an absolute beauty, containing pictures of celebs and models in Dolce and Gabbana animal print items...
So as a tribute here are a few pictures of my favorite animal print outfits, on some of my favorite people -

Kate Moss

Liz Hurley

Melanie B

Lady Beckham

And, erm, 'Bet Lynch' from TV'S Coronation St. Lovely.

So why is it that animal print, leopard in particluar, has so much bad press for being tacky? I think it's all about how you wear it, and how much of it you wear...It's almost like a 'false' glamour; people who wear it often aren't seen as being too classy. I do love it though.
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Quote; ''Without animal print there could be no divas, or even divinities'' D&G

M x

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